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Our range of inverters for solar PV systems are ideally suited to work with our solar PV modules.  If you need help to choose the right product, just call us on 0845 257 0098.




Fronius inverters

Fronius offers highly functional mains-connected inverters that work excellently with our solar modules. Fronius has developed new technologies, introduced new ideas and have come to completely new solutions in the development of their inverters.

These Fronius inverters have a standard guarantee of 5 years, which can be extended to 10 years.


Fronius IG and IG HV inverters


Fronius IG Series

IG Series


Fronius IG HV Series

IG HV Series

The Fronius IG series is powerful, user-friendly and reliable.  The range has been designed especially for smaller domestic installations, and consists of the IG 15, IG 20 and IG 30 types. 

For slightly larger systems we offer the IG 40 and IG 60 HV (High Voltage) models.

All these types are available in an indoor and outdoor version, with monitoring accessories enabling you to check the output of your installation at any time, wherever you are.

More information:

Fronius IG15 – IG60 brochure

Fronius IG15 – IG60 technical datasheet

Fronius IG15 – IG60 operating instructions

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Fronius IG Plus and IG TL inverters


Fronius IG Plus 100

IG Plus 100




The Fronius IG Plus is a range of powerful, high-performance inverters.  The series includes:

IG Plus 35 (for up to 3.5kW systems)
IG Plus 50 (for up to 4.0kW systems)
IG Plus 70 (for maximum 6.5kW output)
IG Plus 100 (2-phase, 8kW max output)
IG Plus 120 (3-phase inverter, 10kW max output)
IG Plus 150 (3-phase, 12kW max)

Please refer to technical datasheets for full details.


The Fronius IG TL is the first transformerless Fronius inverter on the market, with special system monitoring features.  It comes in 3.0kW, 3.6kW, 4.0kW and 5.0 kW sizes – so there’s something suitable for every application, from small domestic to larger commercial.

All Fronius types are also available in an indoor and an outdoor version, with monitoring accessories enabling you to check the output of your installation at any time, wherever you are.


More information:

Fronius IG Plus brochure

Fronius IG Plus technical datasheet

Fronius IG TL brochure

Fronius IG TL technical datasheet

Please contact us for operating instructions.

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Refu inverters

Refu, a renowned German company, has been launching high-quality, powerful, transformerless devices on the market for 40 years. Refu is committed to product development and achieves excellent results.  Photon Magazine (an international magazine reporting on the latest developments and innovations in the world of solar energy) has frequently placed Refu inverters at the top of its list.


Refusol inverters are designed for large, powerful installations, and are available in the following types: 8K, 10K, 13K, 17K  and 20K.  Please refer to the datasheets for more information.

These Refusol inverters have a European efficiency factor of over 97%.  They are fitted with innovative MPP tracking and are compact and extremely reliable. In addition, they are manufactured using a raw material-saving, environmentally-friendly production process.

The products come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, which can be extended to either 5 years or 10 years.


More information:

Refusol brochure

Refusol technical datasheet 8K-20K

Photon product report December 2010   


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12 June 13

Uk crowned Europe's largest utility-scale solar market in 2013


New figures published by Wiki-Solar reveal that the UK is Europe's strongest market for large-scale solar installations.

12 June 13


Very soon the most important pv-fair of Europe will open! A lot of you will be there and we are looking forward to meeting you

12 June 13


The anti-dumping tax on the Chinese modules is a fact.